Assurance From Virgin Expressions

Many people are still skeptical about buying products from online stores and for good reasons. If you’re one of such people we understand your reluctance. You may have had a bad experience where the product (hair, in this case) delivered to you was different from what you ordered or had some problems. We do not want you to have that experience so we have decided to protect you with our Wear Assurance.

What Assurance We Offer?

Wear Assurance  from Virgin Expressions is our assurance to you that the hair we will deliver to you is of the same quality you expected. Wear Assurance covers any hair/wig bought from us and installed within one (1) month of purchase. If there any are problems with the hair that we deliver to you, as specified in our terms and conditions, we will refund you up to 30% of the price. This is for those who have already installed the hair.

If you have NOT  installed the hair, you may qualify to RETURN the hair and get a FULL REFUND. See return page



At Virgin Expressions, we sell premium quality hair at affordable prices. We ensure that the hair we deliver to you, our esteemed customer, is of the quality we promised. But we also understand that as humans, mistakes can be made. So below are some of the general terms and conditions for Both the Wear Assurance and Our Return/Refund policies.

Please note that our policies/terms and conditions are not limited to these.

What Wear Assurance Covers

  • Hair bought from us and INSTALLED WITHIN A MONTH of purchase that turns out to be inferior or faulty. By this we mean that the hair
    • The hair quality is very poor, not up to standard or what was promised/advertised.
    • The hair shreds heavily.
  • A damage hair received from a donor.


What Wear Assurance DOES NOT Covers

  • Hair bought from us and installed more than one month after purchase.
  • Hair poorly handled and cared for by the buyer (you). This includes but is not limited to
  • Damages caused by your applying unnecessary chemicals



 kindly send an email to our support team  support@virginexpressions.com and we will reach out and attend to you.

NOTE: You must submit proof of purchase and Before and After photos of the hair you purchased from us.